Sigil Magick Links + Resources

Sigil Magick Links Pop Magick! By Grant Morrison pt 1 Grant Morrison’s very famous talk about Sigil Magick & the Invisibles Disinfo’s Guide to Sigil Magick– very basic Sigil Daily’s Basic Sigil Guide– This site is very cool, it shows lots of different sigils Rune Soup’s Ultimate Sigil Guide– Rune Soup is famous Rune Soup’s Sigil Shoaling– this is a… Read more →

Sigil Magick Techniques

This post was originally going to be “Advanced Sigil Magick Techniques” but after having to cut last week’s post a bit short, I’ve decided another look was in order first.   So if you’ve been following along you know that charging your sigil was mentioned but quickly passed over. I’d like to revisit this in particular, as it is just… Read more →

Sigil Magick Basics

Sigil Magick Basics are covered in just about any beginner/introductory book to Chaos Magick you can find. Each one has a slightly different take on it, but undoubtedly are covering the same material, as it is one of the major 3 techniques used in chaos magick (In my opinion these are sigil magick, servitor building, and the transference of belief).… Read more →

What is Sigil Magick?

(or an introduction to Sigil Magick) What exactly is Sigil Magick? Well in short, it is a method of spell casting that has been gaining a lot of traction in the online occult community. It can take the form of a pictoral symbol, a mantra, or even a comic book (Everyone knows of the Invisibles). Some of the more well-known… Read more →

Hello, 2016

Hey guys, I thought today I would write up a post about the site. As a lot of you know already, in November I suspended my facebook account related to this site and took a much needed break. Coming back to it now I find that I am in the same place. I am not sure what I want to… Read more →

Glamourbombing Resources + Links

I’ve spent so much time googling glamourbombing, it’s ridiculous. Here are some of the best links.   Glamourbombing History + More Information Hakim Bey’s Poetic Terrorism WildMuse FAQ Glamourbombing LiveJournal Glamourbombing Tribe Eristic: Faery based glamourbombing Glamourbombing Wiki Everything2 Glamourbombing  Fishberry Glamourbombing Otherkin Glamourbombing Magic in the Everyday Rockin’ Friday Glamourbomb   Glamourbombing related Articles Beyond Glamour-bombing Islamic Glamourbombing The… Read more →

The Mischief Pack

The Mischief Pack is an idea that originated in the DKMU. It was introduced in The Assault on Reality, in their Operation Virus project. The ideaology behind Operation Virus lends nicely to glamourbombing, as does the Mischief Pack. The purpose of the Mischief Pack (or MP), is to provide all of the necessary items for glamourbombing, so that they are… Read more →

The Glamourbombing Manifesto

**Please note: This is an excerpt of The Glamourbombing Manual**   Glamourbombing is a form of artistic terrorism that involves acts of random magick. It is intended to temporarily “lift the veil” of illusion that limits the ordinary. It is an assault on Reality; a declaration of war on the mundane. Glamourbombers tag sigils, leave surprises, and scrawl messages on sidewalks for… Read more →

An Introduction to Glamourbombing

In anticipation of the Glamourbombing workshop I will be teaching for Denver Pagan Pride Day I thought I would run a #MagickMondays series on Glamourbombing. I get asked about glamourbombing more than any other thing, and so I thought it was time to answer some of these questions.   The definition of a glamourbomb is as follows: Glamourbomb: A form of… Read more →