Sigil Magick Links + Resources


Sigil Magick Links

Pop Magick! By Grant Morrison pt 1

Grant Morrison’s very famous talk about Sigil Magick & the Invisibles

Disinfo’s Guide to Sigil Magick– very basic

Sigil Daily’s Basic Sigil Guide– This site is very cool, it shows lots of different sigils

Rune Soup’s Ultimate Sigil Guide– Rune Soup is famous

Rune Soup’s Sigil Shoaling– this is a method to fire off multiple sigils at once

Zodiac method to create sigils

Everyday Sigils

Chaosmatrix Sigils– The original chaos magick site

Oven Ready Chaos– The prequel to Condensed Chaos

AoS article

Outdoor Sigils– Sarah Anne Lawless

KitschChao Sigil Making Guide– A nice little overview of sigil making

Talking About Sigil Magick

Pictorial method of sigil making

Tumblr Sigil Master Post – Really nice guide, but lots of gifs

The Preparation and Usage of Sigils– a technical guide




Sigil Magick Books

This is a classic addition for anyone serious about working with sigil magick. One caveat though: It is very hard to find a copy of his complete works that is not a rubbish copy that has been transcripted by a machine.

This is another classic beginner book; you can read my review of it here

This is a newer book; you can find my review here

This is a very popular chaos magic book as well

this book is heavily recommended in the community, hopefully I come across a copy soon

This book is another classic chaos magic book, but is a bit harder to come across since it is out of print.

I have read this one, it is alright. It’s a decent primer for those new to chaos magick and does cover sigil magick.

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