Sigil Magick Techniques

This post was originally going to be “Advanced Sigil Magick Techniques” but after having to cut last week’s post a bit short, I’ve decided another look was in order first.


So if you’ve been following along you know that charging your sigil was mentioned but quickly passed over. I’d like to revisit this in particular, as it is just as important as the actual creation of the sigil. There are literally hundreds of ways to charge a sigil, no two alike, and it is entirely up to your preference, which I think is why there is so little written about it. Some of the “popular routes to Gnosis include: spinning, chanting, dancing, visualization, sensory overload or sensory deprivation, and sexual arousal” (Condensed Chaos, pg 86).


I think before you can really accurately try though you need to have a better idea of what Gnosis is. According to Hine, “Gnosis is that ‘peak’ experience of  no-mind, one-pointedness or samadhi which is the high point of any route into magical trance” (Condensed Chaos, pg 191). This is a pretty good description of what gnosis is; if you have ever been involved in a ritual that built to a point of total release you are already familiar. If you’ve ever achieved total stillness while meditating and the silence of the mind, that is a very similar thing too.


I have charged sigils in a wide variety of methods, but candle work is my favorite method of magic, and it is also the one I prefer to use with sigils. You can build up to release and then burn your sigil, or you can place the sigil below or inside of the candle and let it burn down then discard the sigil.


Spinning works, but you will want to be careful as it usually leads to vomiting once you reach gnosis. Chanting works best with mantras versus pictorial or glyph sigils. I have had great results with placing the sigil on the top of a drum and then beating a rhythm while visualizing the sigil taking in the energy of the beats. Hula hooping, yoga, and other types of exercise (think parkour, running, etc) work really well as long as you do them to the point of exhaustion.


There is always the ever popular grant morrison method of wanking too. It seems to have more weight among newbs than old hands at sigil work though. You can always perform a complete ritual, offering the sigil to the universe, your preferred deity, or whatever else.



Listen, I was going to write more, but I gotta go do this thing. THIS thing we are talking about right now; and if you are of the right mind you are bursting to as well. The expert of it all is Rune Soup, so check out the ultimate sigil guide. 


[[Sorry this post is so super late. My free time has been really limited lately and is about to be even more so.I promise next week’s will be on time, so look forward to a collection of useful sigil links and articles and websites. <3 ]]


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