Hello, 2016

kikiwandererHey guys, I thought today I would write up a post about the site. As a lot of you know already, in November I suspended my facebook account related to this site and took a much needed break. Coming back to it now I find that I am in the same place. I am not sure what I want to write here anymore.


Initially when I began my first blog on blogger I was merely looking for an outlet for the writing I regularly did. Over time that grew into a more occult based blog than anything else, and as I garnered more followers I moved over to wordpress, blogging under the kikiwanderer brand, and then eventually moved here.


I have reached a point though where I don’t really write anymore. If you look at the blog you can easily see that the last year in particular has been rather infrequent, which has mainly  been because I ran out of things to write about. To be completely honest, I am far from an expert in occult theory, or any of the other things I write about. I am primarily a reader, and one of the things I have been thinking of doing instead is writing more book reviews. I’d also really like to finish the last of the Major Arcana cards for the Intensive Deck Study I did back in 2010-2012, and maybe even start on the Minor Arcana.


The #MagickMondays posts were probably the most successful run of posts I have written. ever. But I ran out of ideas to write about, and after a while it was more of a chore outside of posting about glamourbombing. I really enjoyed doing the #TIMT posts, but always seem to forget to take pictures before I mail the things I made to their recipients. And I stopped the #HumpdayHoopTrick posts after realizing it was already being done in several other places. It hasn’t helped that I have far less free-time to blog while homeschooling the kids.


So in short, some of the things I’d like to do this year:

  • More hooping videos and possibly posts too
  • Tarot IDS
  • Handwriting posts
  • Mini-mischief packs
  • Book Reviews
  • free online pattern reviews


I’m still just as unsure as I was about what I want to do here, but I am hoping to take the next few weeks and get it all figured out. In the meantime though, I would love to hear from you, readers. What would you like to see on the site? What topics would you like to read about? What new products would you like to see?

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  1. Lukas
    January 12, 2016 at 2:10 pm

    I’m sorry for my English. It’s not my first language.
    That’s interesting how many occult blogs go through the same problem. I followed a few of them. Your is the only one still active.
    And about your question I mostly read your reviews soo I would be happy to see more of them. Take care.

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