Glamourbombing Resources + Links

I’ve spent so much time googling glamourbombing, it’s ridiculous. Here are some of the best links.


Glamourbombing History + More Information

Hakim Bey’s Poetic Terrorism

WildMuse FAQ

Glamourbombing LiveJournal

Glamourbombing Tribe

Eristic: Faery based glamourbombing

Glamourbombing Wiki

Everything2 Glamourbombing 

Fishberry Glamourbombing

Otherkin Glamourbombing

Magic in the Everyday

Rockin’ Friday Glamourbomb


Glamourbombing related Articles

Beyond Glamour-bombing

Islamic Glamourbombing

The Death + Rebirth of Glamourbombing

Ceremonial Glamourbombing

Ethics, Goals, Culture-jamming, & Glamourbombing

An art installation that takes its inspiration from Glamourbombing

On Glamours and Parallel Worlds



Useful links for use in Glamourbombing

Discordian Meme Bombs

Soap Bubble Wiki

The Bubble Project

Goblin Market

Tumblr Results

The Tiny Door Project



Operation MindFuck


Postergasm Download from POEE

A huge collection of postergasms

Different propaganda to print off

Pope Card Generator



Operation Virus (pages 231-236 of the Assault on Reality)

New wave DKMU glitterbombing

DKMU Disinfo article (mentions glitterbombing in passing)


GB the streets

And, in case you haven’t seen, there is a new free product in the shop! Glamourbombing the Streets is a concise guide to glamourbombing with a single piece of chalk. Download a copy to give out now! 

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