The Mischief Pack

Mischief PackThe Mischief Pack is an idea that originated in the DKMU. It was introduced in The Assault on Reality, in their Operation Virus project. The ideaology behind Operation Virus lends nicely to glamourbombing, as does the Mischief Pack. The purpose of the Mischief Pack (or MP), is to provide all of the necessary items for glamourbombing, so that they are on hand and ready to go.

The Mischief Pack consists primarily of a backpack, sack, messenger bag, pizza box, trash bag, or whatever is on hand, filled with the tools necessary for glamourbombing. These tools are heavily dependent upon the glamourbomber’s preferences, but common things to include are:

spray paint

sheets of stickers

fake mustaches


paint marker

pope cards

permanent marker


wheat paste

post-it notes





baby wipes



Some further information on mischief packs can be found on the  hypersigil blog.

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