The Glamourbombing Manifesto

grenade-bird-stencil**Please note: This is an excerpt of The Glamourbombing Manual**


Glamourbombing is a form of artistic terrorism that involves acts of random magick. It is intended to temporarily “lift the veil” of illusion that limits the ordinary. It is an assault on Reality; a declaration of war on the mundane.

Glamourbombers tag sigils, leave surprises, and scrawl messages on sidewalks for the clueless to find in the hopes that they may see the other layer of consciousness that exists. We glamourbomb because we strive to tear away the blinders that society places on humanity as a whole. It is time to meet the grayface head on, and to bring a bit of magick back into the mundane. Through the act of glamourbombing we are able to urbanize the wild stirrings of primal emotion that flows within us, while beautifying the lives we live and engaging the unused mind.

Glamourbombing benefits all who encounter a glamourbomb. The flowers grown beautify otherwise dying and barren areas, while the messages engage the mind. Hidden surprises delight the young at heart, and treasure map hunts lift the soul. It thrives in heavily populated environments as well as in deserted parks and forgotten underpasses. The act itself requires a carefree spirit that actively pursues change.

Anyone can glamourbomb. It does not discriminate between the young or old, color, language, or location.

Glamourbombs are not limited by physical locale, environment, or type of community. Any form of deployment can be utilized for glamourbombing, regardless of legality, permanence, distribution, implementation, or primary message. The capabilities of the mind to create is the only true limitation of the glamourbomb.

This simplicity is the true beauty behind glamourbombing. Its  importance can not be summed up in a handful of words, yet it does not take pages of text to get across its value. For the end goal of the act is the ability to bring magick into the scope of the everyday Joe. Glamourbombing does not make demands of those who choose to participate; it merely asks for an open and willing mind.

I hope that you join us in reviving the joy of glamourbombing. 

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