An Introduction to Glamourbombing

In anticipation of the Glamourbombing workshop I will be teaching for Denver Pagan Pride Day I thought I would run a #MagickMondays series on Glamourbombing. I get asked about glamourbombing more than any other thing, and so I thought it was time to answer some of these questions.


The definition of a glamourbomb is as follows:

Glamourbomb: A form of artistic or poetic terrorism that involves acts of random magick. It is intended to temporarily “lift the veil.”

Originally inspired by Hakim Bey’s Poetic Terrorism, the term came about in a mailing list, “Dark Fae,” and the first mass glamourbomb occurred in 1997, on the summer solstice. For more information on the history behind glamourbombing, as well as the original intentions behind it, please check out the WildMuse FAQ.

The true beauty of glamourbombing is its limitless possibilities. Anything can be a glamourbomb, and they can be left anywhere. The only real requirement is that it amazes or inspires, so that

Later they will come to realize that for a few moments they believed in something extraordinary, and will perhaps be driven as a result to seek out some more intense mode of existence.  —Poetic Terrorism, by Hakim Bey

The most common form of a glamourbomb is the easter egg method. It is the 3rd Glamourbombing Idea in The Glamourbombing Manual, and is as follows:


Fill any kind of container (such as easter eggs, vials, treasure chests, origami paper boxes, gift bags, amulet sacks, or mojo bags) with any of the following:







Sea glass


Tiny notes

Add a tiny tag that says “Open Me” or “Open in Case of Fabulous”

glamourbombing samples

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