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So there are tons of different methods you can use to meditate. Seriously. Makes sense though, since it’s a phenomenon that extends beyond the limits of culture and religion. Most people will remember meditation as the process of sitting absolutely still while trying to think of nothing on purpose. And that’s what it is, but not really.


The beautiful thing about meditation is that there are so many different variations of technique. It allows anyone to utilize it as a skill, as long as that individual is able to discover a technique that works well for them. For some this means motion; hooping, dancing, spinning wool, etc. Others employ a method that utilizes sound or vibration, such as drumming, clapping, or chanting. I’m sure you can come up with others on your own.


The practice of meditation is pretty helpful as well if you are interested in building a solid foundation for your practice. Over the years I have heard famous and unknown magicians talk about their many differing practices with the occult and religious fields, and the main thing that you hear over and over again is the ideal of discipline. Without discipline in your life your magick/faith/belief/religion/spiritual being will never be the way it could be. And meditation is a great step towards that discipline in your life. Ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes at night will change you. Yeah, it sucks to get it going, and it’s *so* stupidly easy to forget, but it is seriously life changing. Once you’re able to do it, the door is flung wide open to do other things, like lucid dreaming, and astral projection, or Out of Body Experiences. You’ll have the tools to meet with  the inner version of yourself, or to hear the voice of god if that’s what you’re looking for. And those types of encounters are what changes the soul.


Not only that, but meditation has a lot of applications for ritual purposes as well. Not only can ritual consist entirely of meditation, such as in a guided meditation used to meet the Holy Guardian Angel, or HGA, but it can also merely have an element of meditation, such as when Andrieh Vitimus‘ waterfall banishing is utilized at the end of a ritual. It also can be the opening for an out-of-body experience, or just have aspects of it incorporated in  a ritual.


Meditation also shares a lot of common elements to things used in ritual, such as visualization, trance stages, and mental control. It’s generally pretty hard to build up a solid LBRP without ever practicing first the ability to visualize a shape in  the mind- which most likely will be practiced during meditation.


There are a lot of tricks that you can do to prepare yourself for meditation. The most effective tricks involve manipulating the mind through the reinforcement of environmental triggers. By burning the same incense or candles, and playing the same music you can set and reinforce a mental trigger that those scents or sounds in particular mean it is  time to meditate. This small act can be incredibly useful for those who have difficulty “getting into the mood,” or establishing habits because it is a mental cue that is acknowledged on a physical level that can set the tone for periods of meditation. Likewise, practicing in the same place at the same time everyday can really help establish it as a habit and an integral part to your daily routine.


The 5 most common beginner meditation techniques (in no particular order) are:

1. Chanting. Many prefer to use “OM,” as it is a sacred  sound in a wide range of religions and traditions.

2. Concentration. Concentrating on a singular point, shape, item, or the flame of a candle.

3. Walking. You can either focus on the physical  act of walking, or wander aimlessly, focusing on whatever snatches of  thought pass by until there are none.

4. Breathing. There are lots of breathing techniques you can use, such as holding a  breath to a specific count and so on.

5. Guided. Guided meditations usually are in the form of audio or video clips that you can listen to while practicing.


And before I go, I want to share one of my favorite techniques. It’s technically a ritual, but I find it hits all of the elements that I want for a quick meditation a lot of the time. It’s called the Solar Grounding Ritual, and I was introduced to it by one of the awesome hosts of Occult Corpus. Hope to see you all next week!

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