Johnny Midas Candleworking

Johnny Midas is a servitor that was created by Drak. He graciously shared him with us on the facebook group Addo Magus Prosperitus, and as a result many of us have had quite a bit of success with him. Mad Queen wrote a bit about him a couple of weeks ago for her #MagickMondays post, here.

A bit of information on Johnny Midas the Wealthbringer: 


Appearance: 6’5″ tall, 195 lbs, skin tone is alabaster white. Facial features are along the lines of the Joker, huge ruby lipped grin, emerald green eyes, and gold hair. He has a golden eye of Ra at the point of his third eye chakra. He wears a royal blue with purple pin striped 3 piece suit and a golden tie. The tie also has a diamond encrusted tie tack that forms the shape of a chaosphere with the periodic symbol of gold on it, the Au. The cufflinks on his suit are the number 196.97 made out of gold as well. The buttons on his suit are gold with the symbols for the Dollar, the Euro, the British Pound, and the Yuen that are outlined in silver. At times he will also wear a wide brimmed royal blue with purple pinstriped hat with a silver edge on the brim to match the suit depending on his mood and what business he is attending to.

Music: he prefers is classical, binaural meditation beats, Tool, Eminem, Jay-Z, works of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, KMFDM, and Thrill Kill Kult

Food: he enjoys is Chinese food, Sushi, seafood, steaks, stews, and gumbo. Non-alcoholic drinks, he prefers orange soda, lemonade, sweet-tea, mountain dew, rich dark coffees, espresso, and herbal teas with lemon and honey. Alcoholic drinks, he enjoys vodka, Gran Marnier, Crown Royal, Cuttysark, Appleton Rum, European import beers, Mead, red wines, and Absinthe.

Incense: he likes is Nag Champa and Dragon’s Blood.

Function: Johnny Midas enjoys bestowing wealth to those who work with him. He will bring unexpected windfalls of cash and/or presents in the form of jewelry. He also likes to help build wealth in the form of investments and new income opportunities that you may not have seen before. He has very deep pockets and is always collecting loose change and loose bills which he then in turn places in your path to help you along the way.



As a lot of you know, I love candleburning. It’s simple, rather easy, and time can be found quickly for it. While I appreciate the methodology used in Gamache’s Candleburning Book, I tend to go with what I have on hand, foregoing the psalm work and the complete altar setup. For this particular working, my intent is to save money. I do a pretty good job of it already, but with a move imminent I thought it would be really useful. I am definately a penny pincher, and I have been collecting change in a jar for as long as I can remember. By the time it is full there is usually around $50 inside my jar, depending on how many dollar bills have found their way in there. For this working, I pulled out all of my dollar bills, finding six in total, and split them between the two candles. On each green candle I drew the sigil, one in gold and one in silver. Then I drew a prosperity sigil on each bill, three in gold, and three in silver.



I think one of my favorite things about using novena candles is the way that you can do a large working when you have the time, and then relight the candles when you want more oomph, want to draw out the working, or when you do another working in the same vein. I know a lot of people feel negatively about reusing candles with occult workings, but I have found that when they are for similar or the same purposes (ie. prosperity, wealth, success, and money drawing) that it doesn’t matter as much.


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