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In 2011 DKMU had a meet. During the meet they held a group ritual that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. Several of the godforms were called upon by individuals, while others walked the circle, observed, and participated. I was given the charge of invoking LS, something rather intimidating for me at the time. She rarely came when I worked with her, and I had few results with her up until this point. The meet had an energy of its own, however, as a meetup of magicians and like-minded individuals always has. You can’t help but feel it throb, and the combination of active drumming, hearty discourse, and friends known yet unknown alter reality in a way of their own. After some intense meditation I wrote a piece about LS, and went for an adventure to procure chess pieces for the ritual.

The ritual was held outdoors on a members’ property. A large grassy area was cleared early in the day, and then as the time approached torches were lit in a ceremonial manner. One of the participants was a fire mage, and he purified the space as he went. Several others played their parts, and then it was my turn.

During the ritual I invoked Ellis for the first time, which is a very unique experience. She lays across your mind in a different manner than Eris. I find with Eris I often forget large chunks of time, find out I’ve done things that I wouldn’t ordinarily do, and always have a crazy story at the end of the night. Ellis is more subtle. For me she comes as a herald of revolution; an active force instigating change. At the time she filled me like a rush of flame; an unbearable heat that made you want to strip bare your insides. I wouldn’t call her destructive or dangerous; rather she burns away what you thought you knew of yourself and reveals things you didn’t want to remember were a part of you. I think that’s why she gets a bad rap, much like Eris does for her violent and chaotic methods of tearing away the self-inflicted veil. I honestly think that’s a major reason why Chaos Magick gets bad mouthed by a lot of people and why so many people have a long standing love-hate relationship with the work. It’s messy and painful and revealing.

I can remember that after I had handed out the chess pieces I had a really poignant moment. I was holding my own piece, and as I looked at it I could see the way it was for the piece. Someone far away pulling all of the strings would slowly move it across the board. The piece’s place in the game was to follow what it was told, where it was meant to go, and to be with who they were told to be with. What if you could break it apart though? Burn the game and go where you wish, do what you please, and be with who you love? The irony is that every single person on this planet has that ability. If you free yourself from the obligations, duties, and bonds holding you in place, what would you do? Where would you go?

One of the things that stood out the most for me during that ritual was the look on the participants’ faces as they made the choice to throw their chess pieces into the fire or not. You see, I had asked them. I had asked them the same thing I now ask you.


Will you join me in setting the world on fire?



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