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As a small child I was fascinated with witches. I have sustained a life long fascination with the magical, and it has led me on a merry adventure.I don’t think that will ever change, and at one point that interest led me to hedgewitchery and traditional witchcraft. Shrouded in folk magic and traditions of the home, it can be challenging to figure out what the components really are. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the topic, but there is always more to learn. The point of the #Witchy Wednesdays series is to encourage further exploration. If you’ve never really looked into it at all, give it a try. It’s a really interesting way of practice that really springs from the older traditions and brings a sense of fullness to workings. Whether you just need a refresher course, are curious, or know nothing, I have compiled a list of links, articles, and sites that are related to the topic here. Stay tuned in the next few wednesdays to explore some more (:   Don’t forget to head on over and check out Mad Queen’s post too!

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