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Money magick is a lot harder than people may think. Some of the greatest minds in the world died penniless and unknown, and some of the greatest magicians are homeless. It involves more than just ritual because at the root of prosperity, one must also be successful enough at what one does to maintain these results, and do so consistently. In response to this logic, many answers have been concieved, and get rich books abound.


In answer of like kind, Mad Queen and I will be posting some common attempts among magicians, occultists, and the curious. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some of our attempts, and thoughts using #MagickMondays. (We will also be writing for #WitchyWednesdays!)


Over the years my husband and I have tried a variety of ways to improve our luck, and to do do well. Ritual and workings can go a long way and help in a pinch, but magick certainly goes further if there is something for it to work with. And that means working on your life on a mundane and ordinary level, whether that means couponing, eating out less, getting a job you don’t really want to work, or taking the bus. Budgeting and living within your means is always the best choice, but let’s be real here… For most of us it doesn’t come easily, and life is usually trowing new curveballs- that are expensive! It’s not impossible to strike a balance though. You just have to learn to give up some thing for another thing. And you can learn to do things yourself, instead of paying someone to do it for you.


You’re not going to be very successful without hard work and sacrifice, and a lot of people have a hard time dedicating the time and resources to change. Change is hard and difficult, and at times frightening. But change is often the catalyst necessary for success; whether that change comes in the form of further education, a new hobby, a new place or city, or something else. Look around and you’ll find a lot of successful magicians are in the process of change.


Whether you’re just taking that first step, or in the midst of long-term change, I hope that the theme this month’s topic will be helpful. Mundane work is what paves the way for success and prosperity, but sometimes you just want to put in that extra work, or you could use some extra luck. In such times, magick can certainly help alter things the way you want, even if you are just using positive affirmations to change the way you view and think of money. Sometimes that is all it takes.


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