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Fotamecus: A Time Experiment

Fotamecus is a bit of an icon among the chaos magicians of the internet. [1] He was one of the first sigils that went on to become a servitor, and then later an egregore. [2] He was created with the intention of compressing or expanding time. His name itself is a mantric sigil- fo-tuh-meh-kus.

fotamecus2Fotamecus was created in 1996 in the United States by www.chaosmatrix.org‘s Fenwick Rysen, and two friends of his, Quinn and Ruben. It really began to take off after large amounts of energy from a Metallica Concert were funneled into the sigil, and six Chaotes on a trip in the San Francisco Bay area implemented it. [3] The results of the increase in energy and the large number of individuals now using the sigil led to an increase in intelligence and it quickly morphed into a servitor; a year later, the empowerment rite turned him into an Egregore. At this point, it was modified into a viral network called The Fotamecus Viral Servitor Network, at which time a series of changes were enacted. The network was created from a series of spawned copies of Fotamecus himself, designed to handle the expansion of time resulting in equal parts to its original compression. However, the creators did not include any way to check Fotamecus’ growth, and the servitor quickly got out of hand. [4] The ritual was performed during “the hour that does not exist,” between the Daylight Savings Time, and that of Standard Time; it included the smashing of a clock, a common representation of Choronos, the God of Time. The clock was used to represent the Arrow of Time, [5] or the restricted straight flow of time that is commonly held as its movement. A few weeks later, Renwick wrote that the Egregore was dissatisfied and was openly challenging Chronos for the Godhood.



In 2000, Matt Lee created Indifference Productions to fotamecuscreate the Godmaker Program, which would produce a film on Fotamecus. He claimed to have created a new sigil for the egregore on July 25, 2000, after reading some information on the internet. [6] A large amount of 16MM film was produced, but never edited. Small segments of the film were released after 2003, including a trailer for the video that is no longer up, [7] and a short film under the name of ‘Chronomancy.’ [8] The company went out of business in 2006, and little has been heard since.

Over time, Fotamecus gained quite a following in the 156 current. He warrented his own section in Julian Vayne’s book, “Now That’s What I Call Chaos Magick.” Ritual use is wide and applied to a variety of needs, but his main use is still travel. Frequently the breaking of clocks is involved, [9] and large rituals are performed during the hour that doesn’t exist. [10] Other common elements are the dispute between him and Chronos, ritual talismans in the form of cookies, [11] as well as the use of coins in place of clocks for on the go, [12] He is still used heavily during trips, work, and by travelling mages. There only seem to be two compaints- the time backlash, [13] and a bit of a snotty additude. [14]

Fotamecus was always created with the intention of compressing time. One merely needs to send energy along with the intention. Once time has been compressed, an equal amount of time must be expanded. May all your experiences with him be fruitful.




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