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The Master Book of Candle Burning by Henri Gamache is an introduction to the ritualized use of candles, that relies heavily on the psalms.Originally published in the 1940s, it became a staple for anyone who wished to work with candles. This is a new and revised version that was published in 1998. There is no contents or index, which is annoying, but not terrible. The book begins with a preface from the author that is from the original printing. The first chapter is on “The Philosophy of Fire,” and covers some of the history, origin, and biblical references of candle burning.

The second chapter covers “The Symbolism of Color in Candles,” and discusses the vibratory properties of specific colors, including charts on their astrological aspects, and symbolism.There is also a section on how to select the right color candle for your purpose. The third chapter covers Altars and Candle Sticks, and includes numerous biblical verses regarding the use of candles and altars in worship. There is also a diagram of the recommended altar layout.The fourth chapter is “How to Dress a Candle,” and covers the process of dressing a candle in the appropriate oil for your purpose. There is a diagram on the proper way to apply the oil to the candle, as well as a list of popular oils used and their purposes. The candle layouts for those in a crossed condition and to bring confusion to someone are also included.

Chapter five covers “The Use of Symbol Candles,” a practice that is claimed as a strictly American custom. “A Symbolic candle is a vegetable oil or paraffin candle which is molded in the shape of an animal- such as a cat or lion- or in the form of a human being. These candles are burned because, it is claimed, the symbolism involved is accentuated, crystallized” (Page 25). The history behind this use originates in Africa, and the author goes into some detail about common practices that were held there. Candle layouts are shown for someone who wishes to win the man of their dreams, as well as the symbolic dissolving of attraction between two people. The sixth chapter is “Candle Burning During Time of War: A Deeply Significant Custom,” and includes a sample layout for a Memorial Ritual. This ritual can be used to represent a vigil light for those away at war, or for a spouse who has strayed. Several Psalms are listed, as well as their many uses for the purpose of rituals related to war, such as a ritual by proxy, for those who are away to do, and for the safe return of one whom is away.

The seventh chapter is about the things that every practitioner should know, and discusses the importance of sincerity in your practice, as well as some of the details about the practices of the Zoroastrians. Some detail about branded candles such as Astral Candles is covered, as well as the difference between handmade and store bought materials. The reuse of candles burned for ritual purpose is covered, as well as dressing oils and their selections. The eight chapter is “Perverted Symbolism -or- Black Art in Candle Burning,” and covers some of the history behind black magic. Three layouts are included as well; Uncrossing oneself, bring confusion to one’s enemies, and to eliminate a rival in love. Chapter nine covers “Rules to follow in the Art of Candle Burning,” and details 7 fundamental rules to use with candle burning, as well as 8 things that are included in each ritual.

The tenth chapter is “Suggested Rituals,” and the eleventh is “White Magic Candle Burning,” and are comprised solely of rituals and their layouts. Among them are exercises to Obtain Money, to Change One’s Luck, To protect oneself, To overcome a bad habit, To sell a house, to Gain New Friendships, and more.

Overall, I feel this is a good primer for anyone interested in getting into Candle Burning, but not quite sure of the process involved. It leans heavily upon the Psalms for the ritual aspects of the workings, and may be more favorable for someone coming from a Catholic, Santeria, or Voodoo background.


Thanks again, to the amazing person from OccultCorpus who sent me this book <3

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