Gate 1: overview



Gate 1 of the A.A.O. Overview

So,  for those of  you who don’t know what Gate 1 is, it’s a part of the system founded by the A.A.O. Gate 1 covers  circles 1-4,  of which I am primarily concerned  with circles 1 and 2 currently.

Before you get to Gate 1 though, there’s a zero point called Circle 0. This is a reset point for the mage- you’re starting over fresh. It kind of kicks open Gate 1. For me, it bore a lot of self-realizations, and a very long period of inactivity.

Circle 1 is the organic temple, or (obviously) the mage’s body. The goals  for this circle are: a  personal regiment of diet and exercise, abstinence from fast food, soda, fluoride, anything  you’re addicted to (cigarettes, alcohol, weed, drugs), and GMOs, exercise for an hour daily, research into  natural supplements if you’re into that, and a physical discipline is recommended. It is advised that you do both 1 and 2 together.

Circle 2 is the reflecting waters, or inner groundwork. The goals are more up to you: meditation daily for an hour, progressing to Lucid dreaming, trance, and then out of body experiences. These are the foundations of the majority of magical workings, so it’s logical of course.

Circle 3 is subtle, or internal magic, and deals with more personal magick. A good  example would be an alphabet of  desires, or a personal sigil collection/alphabet.

Circle 4 is proper, or external magic, which is traditional reality changing magick. The things people think of when they think “magick.”



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