XVII: The Star

Lisa Hunt

XVII: The Star

Basic description:

The moon shines brightly on a tree spirit, a spiral in the bottom. Her face and arms are human, while the rest of her is gnarled and the trunk of a tree- there is a masculine face in the tree’s base. The woman is pale with blue hair that melds into the evening, sparkling as she smiles pleasantly. Her left hand is touching the center of her breast, where a spiral shines, shooting light off of it. The masculine face has spirals in his cheeks and empty circles in his eyes; his mouth is open like the wind blowing, and the wood twists like a beard. The tree’s branches are gnarled and reaching away from the trunk, mostly up and towards the moon. There are leaves around the bottom and top branches. A bird’s silhouette is against the moon.

Preliminary meaning:

After the recent fall into awareness about the follies of oneself, this is a return to purer methods; a return to nature. The tree nymph’s femininity and masculine physical base is a representation of nature’s androgynous state of being. This is a step forward, the point at which one chooses whether to continue toward the final point into enlightenment, or a return to one’s previous state as the fool. The spiral in the moon hints at the confusion along the way, while the one at her chest is a sign from the unconscious mind she is ready.

Basic Fairytale (The Star Maiden):

The people believed everything in nature housed a soul. A bright star gets caught in a tree and a young man tells of the dream he had. She searches for a place until she settles in a lily on the lake.

Book symbolism/meaning:

The star maiden merges the consciousness and dream world. She wishes to be liberated. The full moon symbolizes the cycle of life, birth, death, and resurrection. We are able to access ancient knowledge while we dream. Be receptive to dream messages so that you can actualize your deepest desires.

Personal Significance:

The belief that everything houses a soul is one I still believe. The man’s dream symbolizes the power our dreams have. Meditation is often thought of as the joining of oneself with the entirety of the universe, symbolized well by the star maiden in the tree.

Traditional Meaning:

This card symbolizes meditation, which modifies the cosmic energy we have. Through listening, we will discover truth. It signifies insight, inspiration, and great love. Reversed is a lack of perception and possible illness.


The star maiden silently searches for a place to come home. Through listening and meditation the truth of where she should live is revealed.

The star (Journey of the hero):

This card has many oracle symbols, reminding one to look at the future as well as the wisdom of the cosmos. Our hero can finally see the future ahead; his eyes have finally been opened. Life is full of joy and abundance. Only the present exists. The laws of the cosmos are at play here, and on our side. The archetype is wisdom, and the bigger picture must be understood. Becoming preoccupied with the future is a risk.


The star maiden appears to the tribe in a dream, similar to when premonitions come in dreams. She comes from the cosmos, to observe the present, not to participate.


Couldn’t find any.

Meditation/writing jump off:

I observed those below me day after day. And finally,  I came to visit, settling in a tree to watch everything  around me. By being still I will find my place in this life.

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