Discordianism Master Links


A small collection of discordian links. Fnord!

Propaganda Directory

Rev. Billy’s Pearltree

Lesser Elvis Banishing Ritual– one of my favorites <3

Appendix Discordia

POEE Documents

23 Apples of Eris

Meme Bot

Discordia Books

The PD’s directory for Discordian Propaganda

Discordian texts

even more propaganda (for being DISCORDians, they’re awfully organized)  

discordian online library

http://mischiefandmutiny.wordpress.com/ *shrug* 

Cram’s poster collection

Most of the Intermittens

Meme bombs

Historia Discordia is the newest book

Discordian Archives (the book Historia Discordia is from this site)

The PD Website

Discordian Directory

Discordian Scribd collection (this is my personal collection)

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