Discordian Beltane Self-Initiation Ritual

pomegranatepropheciesThis was written for the Pomegranate Prophecies, found here.

You will need:

A large rock written with an eris sigil and power words (chaos, discord, truth, etc)

Eris candle (I used a tall white glass candle with the hand and “Hail Eris!” written on it)

Random offerings (mine were candy, booze, a roach, a piece of driftwood, and a bracelet)

Seeds, dirt, water (I used cat grass and a cup)

Ribbon (I used a long silk blanket binding that was purple (royalty colors for the queen), and a green shiny string to tie that (green for beltane))





Hail Eris, goddess of Chaos and Discord!

The queen of the infamous fnord!

I- insert name- proffer my offerings below

receive them and these seeds of chaos I sow

— plant seeds and water them now–

— get your rock now and your ribbons–

My talisman of permanence is this sigilized rock

That my loyalty and dedication may be as a lock

— begin to wrap your rock now–

A beacon to those who have likewise done so

And all who see it may know

— dance for a while here–


Hear me, Goddess! Hear my love and adoration

This is my initiation into thy nation

My deceleration that I am an agent of discord

And a daughter/son of Eris who is here to spread the truth!

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