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Hail to the Marauders!

I picked up this shelf unit a while back, knowing immediately that it would become part of a working.

Initially I planned to use it like an ancestral altar, but after having a great deal of trouble tracking down the family tree book, it ended up sitting in a corner. The DKMU’s godform article/excerpt reminded me that it was waiting, and so I began. This method would work easily with a variety of hanging shelving units, as well as with shadow boxes, for a multitude of occult practices.



I began by tracing the divided spaces, or boxes, and then cut them out. I numbered the squares so they would match their location on the shelving unit.



Then I began decorating the squares. Each one is a different godform, with the center square holding the DKMU atmosphere symbol, and representing the marauders as a whole. Each spot holds a symbolic representation; LS and a spider for her, a cicada shell for doombringer, broken mirror shard from a mirror I’ve had as long as I’ve been married for Ino, coffin nails for trigag, the chess piece from last year’s ritual and an LS pin from the meetup as well, my pirate magic 8 ball for zalty, a ring I was given for the red king, the shell and sage I used when I first moved for the white queen, and a green cord for conjunctio.



All done 🙂 I held a small ritual tonight. This is the picture I took at it’s completion:


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