The truth about working with Eris

If you enjoy a crazy, unbelievable time, she is your girl. Her rewards are fantastic; the fates align for a record-making time under her touch perfectly. It’s always a roller coaster of emotions, like a full mood cycle in a single day, leaving you spent. Every experience is a poignant message. They stick out brightly in your memory; sharp moments of complete surrender to the self.

She is not an easy mistress, but she is a primordial source of fun. She does not get the recognition she deserves.

Following her, opening yourself up to her is not just about joking, and idiocy, and fnords- although they serve the mighty purpose of “what the fuck was that?!” I think a lot of people fail to see her as a true bona-fide trickster goddess. They see her like Disney and Nick do, some blonde bimbo teenager toting a troublesome golden apple, and that is incredibly shallow in a community as welcoming as we are.

Every touch she gives serves a purpose, she is one of the greatest muses out there. Everything is a message; every experience a lesson or a reward. She reminds you of the Work; you can’t get stuck in a life track- don’t accept things the way they are!


It’s the ultimate form of chaos- it changes your reality.

So you had a bad experience with her?

Bitch, please. She showed you something you didn’t want to admit or change, something you were hiding from everyone- even yourself, or something you ignored so long you genuinely forgot it was there. And suddenly you realized you were walking around with this gargantuan blight on your being, and you have to deal with it in the same way as always (if you are really lucky or something, because that seems to never happen) or do something new, something scary, and uncomfortable.

Trickster deities make you “man up;” they make you a better person, stronger and more like you were inherently meant to be, where you are stable, and happy, constant, and at peace.

So yes, I am a discordian. My journey wanders a lot, but I am stronger for it. Our experiences shape us, they determine who we are to a great degree- if we let them. The things that happen to a person are the elements of a good story, after all, no one wants to be bored. And let me tell you, my story is shaping up pretty good- it’s going to be an epic series. I feel it in my bones, see it in his face.

I will always search for who I am. I will always look for that spot; that place where I am meant to end my time. Until then I will keep searching for who I am, who I want to be. At least now I know where that spot is.



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