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Con was filled with so many great classes it was hard to pick which ones to go to. I was asked quite a few times if I would be sharing my notes once again this year, and of course I am.

~American Witchcraft and Folk Magic (Elige)~

– granny witchery- driven by women while pow- wow is driven by men
– American witchcraft is often a melting pot that has strengths an weaknesses
– it has 2 main categories: pagan and folkloric
– folk magic tends to be more practical, it often originates in poverty stricken areas out of need
– oil lamps are used in granny magic more then candles
– pow-wows never accept payment and are often german
– pow-wow goes with Christianity but they don’t like Catholicism while hoodoo workers often work with Catholicism
– pow-wow focuses on healing through prayer, anointing, and washing
– granny witchery is very eclectic and practical and uses a great deal of folk tales (such as Johnny Appleseed), often with a medical component and sometimes a restriction placed through divination
– bread board divination- uses a knife with a wooden handle and a board with 6-8 symbols; knife is spun around on the board until it stops
– granny magic has an emphasis on gender- passed down mother to daughter or father to son while pow-wow magic is regional and passed on man to woman similarly to hoodoo and is more work to learn and often had a major component of sexual advances
– pow-wow workers believe men cannot be present for the birth of a child or they will lose their powers yet are very family oriented
– they also place emphasis on the 7th child of the 7th child
– gypsy magic emphasizes Catholicism components and black sand
– European magic tends to focus on protection while american is more explorative
– Victor and Cora Anderson were the keepers of the Feri tradition wrote book called 50 years of Feri tradition
– Feri has more emphasis on individual versus ritual
– main tool is iron pentacle and the 5 points represent major components of the tradition
– 17:14 tradition- Robert Cochrin and Joe Wilson had an emphasis on hidden knowledge and the numerical representation of the goddess
– ancient keltic church- church of witchcraft
– lucumi/Santeria has roots in voodun
– shamanic and hedge witchery are a huge influence in American witchcraft
– Laurie Cabott
– American magic is passionate and has an emphasis on feminism, empowerment and the arts/ expression

~shape shifting 101 (Andrieh Vitimus)~

– physical shapeshifting takes years and years and is very rare/difficult
– shapeshifting was primarily astral based- may have spirit-possessed an animal from the astral
– it takes years to do physically because of the resistance of the self
– there are 3 shifts needed: 1. Mental shift 2. Energy or auric shift 3. Astral shift (most difficult)
– you can shapeshift into different personas if you can mental shift/ believe it
– shapeshifting is done by amplifying a portion of the self- there are no real limits to the self except your own
– has no sense of “other” like during invocation; you have personal responsibility
– you can shift into something bigger and badder than bad spirits but must accept that responsibility
– can be used as an excellent tool but you must know yourself and your limitations
– there are 4 states of shapeshifting: 1. Mental/aspecting 2. Energy/auric (glamour magic) 3. Astral (must get there and see it- change what is you) 4. Physical (eye and face are most common)
– usually takes 2-3 hours of prep ritual work for minor changes in the physical
– NLP often works through mental/energy change
– part of the problemis knowing where you are going and doing, and breaking it down, taking notes, and checking with divination
– don’t let your shapes confine you, you made it and can make another
– always frame things in the positive for your subconscious
– if you feel restricted, be wary
– can use your notes and journals as “save points” for analysis
To trick your mind negatively takes discipline
– exercise by Bandler- “circle of excellence” plus deep breathing

~Digging in the Dirt (Auntie Dame)~

– hoodoo is about your relationship with your life
– Jim Haskin’s Hoodoo and Voodoo
– eastern traditions- STFU and sit, western traditions- open hole, invite demons in
– hoodoo is a magical tradition, voodoo is a religion
– doctrine of signatures- a thing that looks like another thing or is similar can be used as a substitution
– the ground our ancestors lay in is a part of them
– Dorthy Morrison
– how to pay a graveyard toll: ask for entry pay with pennies and dimes then wait for an answer
– use dirt to slow things down or to fix something
– the dirt of our ancestors is the most important
– dirt is used for love, protection, fidelity, and laying a trick (like a booby trap)
– hoodoo is used for protection, fidelity, and family
– red brick dust- use it to mark a spot, make neighbors move, house hunting, and events where you need to change the outcome
– use dirt from police dept or a safe place or your home
– collect pieces of people to have power over them- foot tracks, signatures, hair, skin, nail clippings, blood, spit, sweat, semen, urine, and feces
– we are part of the dirt
– mojo bags are like walking altars- always use things in odd numbers
– magic is about getting it done inside
– 1. Collect the dirt and pay the toll 2. Labeling: who, where, and when 3. How did you get it: ask permission? Intent? Purpose?
– **hoodoo basics- Jacki smith**
– magic you’re not focused on dies
– hot foot: black salt, red and black pepper
– move away cookies: chocolate chip cookies with red pepper
– sever ties mojo bag: tiny scissors, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg
– dressing lights is candle work
– ancestor altar: feed it water, booze, food, spirit money (must be burned) and is on the floor normally
– rosemary bushes as a ward by your door
– gossip cure: write the person’s name on cow tongue then nail the top to a board and twist it lots then nail bottom and freeze
– stacking works
– cop repellant: law books, cop uniform
– backyard graveyard: ancestor dirt is set aside outdoors similar to a garden or shrine
– all-purpose dirt: use burnt incense ash, and burnt offerings and store in a jar
– crossroads magic: can be done anywhere two roads meet, but long roads are best. Any working will be answered- either by Legba or the archangel st. Michael. Make a payment of alcohol, tobacco, or candy- use at least a whole bottle and only share if he asks. To get rid of things: tie up the person’s things in black cloth and string and do not return for 7 days.
– keep dirt in jars or tins

~Wild Ride: Aspecting and Possessory Work (Elige)~

– the goal is to know who you are calling in
– Trance work: An altered state of consciousness, such as meditation
– Possession: An external consciousness is controlling
– Obsession: A relationship with a spirit that is unhealthy and often ego involved
– Channeling: When spirits intentionally speak through you to someone else
– Mediumship: Any communication with spirits
– Invocation: Calling spirits in
– Evocation: Bringing spirits out
– trance work is the basis of all spirit work; you need to be able to control your mind and to be able to shift at will
– meditation is a key component. It has 2 main types, passive and active. Passive is more essential as it offers time for reflection and knowing thyself
– 4 levels of spirit work- 1. Overshadowing/presence 2. Inspiration: information starts coming 3. Prophetic trance 4. Possession
– rarely can retain info in prophetic trance because it is similar to the dream phase
– rule of thumb: treat spirits like you would sexual partners. Have a courtship period- devotionals are a good place to start- and always use protection.
– always have a sitter to watch and tell you what happened
– clean yourself before you do work
– set the mood and energy
– always follow the deity’s instructions but make sure to ask why and be sure they’re reasonable
– afterwards you may need decompression time
– be sure to find your god spark, or your own divinity
– kissing the limits by thornwild
– possessory techniques tend to be ritual based

~Measure for Measure (Auntie Dame)~

– in hoodoo, sex magic is about fidelity
– underwear soup: boil their underwear, pull it out & use it in another soup. Feed them the soup to control them.
– Money magic: use a green penis candle & anoint with oil and sexual fluids
– sex was used for enlightenment. It was a way to see god’s face- oracles
– sex magic is very binding- make sure you love them
– fetishes need to be highly detailed
– to take a man’s measure: using a piece of embroidery thread measure from shaft/ scrotum to the tip. Cut thread to size and tie knots in 3s- 1, 3, 5, or 7. For a woman, use a thread tied to the top of a dildo and do likewise.
– controlling someone: having the fluids of someone else in your bag
– having your own fluids is empowerment
– ingredients for mojo bags ( walking altar <;3):
Cowry shells: money, eyes, vagina
Red: love, lust
Red pepper: hotter sex
Saffron: better sex
ground ginger, cinnamon: spicy
Seahorses: pregnancy

~shape shifting 101 (Andrieh Vitimus)~

– it is possible to physically shape shift with repetition and acceptance
– the goal is to be able to shapeshift when you need it
– some animals are very foreign to our minds
– its important to notice and augment subtle differences, and having a list of attributes for shape shifting helps so you can roll back changes
– use the circle of excellence exercise to focus on a time of optimal health for healing
– **magic is incremental; it takes time to improve**
– try visualizing healing for 30 minutes for 30 days
– always banish
– be aware of yourself and your life’s needs
– expand work while maintaining control
– you must be willing to accept the knowledge that any shape taken is inside of us
– Use incremental changes, build in safeties, and keep a record

~ Hardcore Herbalism~


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