Traditional Witchcraft & Hedgewitch Master Links


I’ve been compiling a list of links on hedge witchery and traditional witchcraft for some time now.


lots of thoughts from the pagan community on what exactly hedgewitchery is

a traditional ritual

Cyndi from OC’s blog

The witch bottles are the best thing on this grimoire

an author, Sally Morning Star

author Rae Beth

an interesting article on the usage of nails

travel spirit trap kit– I think this has some merit for potential usefulness

this site has a lot of information on herbs and their magical uses, as well as planetary correspondences and growing information

an interesting blog

tips on making offerings

money mojo bag making

herbal listings and recipes

ancient texts library

Ms. Graveyarddirt

a deep woods tea party

witch of forest grove

blue druid

traditional witchcraft

the ancient practice of reddening the bones

pagan prayer beads

an introduction to necromancy and what it really is in practice

shamanism and spirits

shamanism initiation

stang– what is it and how to use it

pagan holy water

witch’s reading list– lots of different traditions listed here

interesting information on circle casting and its connection to the world tree

Walking the worlds

shapeshifting– what it really is

animal familiars and what they are

ancestoral work

flying ointments– advice, prep, and recipes


a great article on bones and their uses magically

cleaning house

flordia water recipes

the seer’s reading list– on seeing and communing with spirits


bone flute making

another bone witch

an ancient herb grimoire

an herbal salve that gives pep

consecrating runes

preserving dead things

a charm for traveling

mushroom picking guide 1

mushroom picking guide 2

fossil angels by alan moore

drying herbs

identifying mugwort

black salt for protection

the care of mojo bags

four-thieves-vinegar/ 4 thieves vinegar- what is it, how to make it (recipe!) and how to use it

ancestor work

candle working

another kind of black salt

a resource for ancestor work or for any grave work

holy oil– offers a variety of ways to create/extract oil as well

lamp magic

angels charge over thee protection oil

an oil to help with gaining power

working with the dead

mysticism and its prices


how to make your own smudge sticks

drying herbs

one witch’s personal divination system using bones stones and misc items

a touching post on spiritwork and offering

a good article on some deep thoughts relating to spiritwork, shamanism, and general callings

etheogens article

hearing the gods

novena, what it is and what to do

research tips and places to look

tips on creating your own collection diviniation

Witchcraft resources

an interesting article on pathwalking/horsing in the spiritual community

hedgecrossing ritual

some thoughts on hedgewitchery

the dictionary of old english plant names– for all your grimoire needs!

getting to know land spirits

Entheologic incense recipes

Ozark Folk Magick Glossery

  3 comments for “Traditional Witchcraft & Hedgewitch Master Links

  1. January 11, 2012 at 4:37 am

    Nice links, a good balance of witchcraft and hoodoo.
    If you are going to doing ancestral work, you might want to check this link out as well.
    He approaches it in a different way that makes sense.

    P.S: Love the name, BTW. I read those books when I was growing up and loved it since, been using “Taran Wanderer” as a RPG character for ages, lol – just got the box set as well. Glad someone else enjoyed these books. 😀

    • January 11, 2012 at 5:12 pm

      Thanks for the link- I’ll definitely check it out! (and by the way, I’m going to lurk your blog all day now, thanks for filling my free time today)

      It’s always nice to run across another Lloyd Alexander fan 😀 I have an ancient box set that has been dearly loved almost to pieces. I even tried to name my son Taran lol.

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