VIII: Courage

An initial description:
A large chinese man bends over. He has a large nose and short black hair and blue eye makeup on, with a large grin. His flesh seems slightly wasted, and his nails are blue and long. He is wearing a white loin cloth. His right hand is resting on his knee, and the other is grasping, reaching out. He is grasping for a tiny man. The tiny man has long black hair in a ponytail, a blue sleeveless shirt and a wide brown belt on with purple pants and red shoes. He stands with his hands on his hands, defiantly looking up at the giant. They are standing on a dirt floor with bamboo growing behind them.
Preliminary meanings:
Courage can outweigh size! Despite his tiny size, the little man stands definitely looking at the large giant reaching out for him. With Will we can overcome anything!!
The basic fairy tale from once upon a fairy tale: (Little One Inch)
A couple asked for a child and had a son they named Little One Inch. Once he grew up, he set out on his own. He announces himself to a lord and becomes his attendant. His harsh work earns him a position as the princess’ bodyguard. He scares off an oni by jabbing his face. Using a magical hammer he wishes to be taller, and marries the princess.
personal significance:
Little Once Inch shows courage in the face of insurmountable strength to drive forward and overcome obstacles.
book symbolism, etc:
You must be strong but flexible enough to bend. Use inherent strength to drive forward and overcome obstacles.
variations of Little One Inch:
– Thumbling (german): Woman is pregnant for 7 months and then has a baby the size of a thumb. Thumbling brings car to the father. Two strange men try to buy him and father refuses until Thumbling asks him to say yes. He rides along for a while and then runs away. He joins some robbers and ricks them. Falls asleep in a hay barn and is eaten by a cow. Tricks the pastor into killing the cow. Tricks the pastor into killing the cow. Is eaten by a cow. Is eaten by a wolf. Tricks wolf into going to his home where his mom and dad killed the wolf and spoils him.
-the history of tom thumb (england): A countryman and his wife feeds Merlin, who promises to help them conceive. She has a child no bigger than a thumb. The queen of fairies is his god parent and dresses him. A boy catches him stealing and shakes him. His mother almost kills him in a batter pudding. He is eaten by a cow and a fish. He becomes King Arthur’s clown, and brings his mother money. He goes back and gets new clothes from the king. King loves him and queen ruins him- arrested and execution (gets free and is attacked and killed by a spider).
-Thumbelina: A woman goes to a fairy wishing to have a child. The fairy gives her magic barley corn, which the woman plants- immediately growing a flower. The woman kisses the flower and it opens, showing a little maiden that the woman named Thumbelina. A toad kidnaps her while she sleeps as a wife for his son. He puts her out on a lily pad until the wedding. The fish free the lily pad and she sails far away. She lives alone all summer. A field mouse takes her in, and the mole next door falls in love. They walk, and find a dead bird she nurses back to health. He flies away and tiny prepares for her wedding day. Instead she flies away with the sparrow. They go to the angel flower king, and she marries him.
Traditional meanings of Strength (From Gray’s book):
The hero is in control. We must learn to create a balance between our spiritual and carnal natures. The need for harmony. Reversed is discord.
Lion and the Giant
Strength (From Journey of the hero):
This card expresses vitality, passion, and the joy of life. The constant connection and alternating exchange of the two levels, and the harmonious connection. The lion is the symbol of our instinctual and impulsive nature. This card corresponds with hubris, self-conceit, and our refusal to subject ourselves to divine law and learning to accept it. It can be dangerous to enslave, suppress or kill the animal within us, and this card reminds us if we approach the animal in a careful and friendly way, t will become a helpful force. The challenge is to be open to experiences with a full heart. Running away is not a solution. It’s time to face the shadow, where everything we apparently do not have lies. We need strength and courage to confront the shadow. The archetype is taming the animal, and the goal is to encounter one’s own instinctive nature and inner wilderness. The risk is brutality.
Related to Courage:
The giant is the equivalent of the lion.
Meditation/writing jump off:
I stand with my hands on my hips, defiantly looking up at the giant as he reaches down to pick me up. Unsure of what I’m going to do next, what I do know is that I will win!

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