VI: The Lovers

An initial description:
A woman and a man stand beneath 8 golden bird cages hung in the sky. The young woman with blonde hair and light skin is wearing a light blue and golden dress and has a white dove perched on her long flowing white wing as well as dots of light running through her long curly hair. She is holding hands with a medievally styled clothed man. His hair is shoulder-length and black. His top is purple and green and golden. His purple shorts puff up and his green tights are tucked into golden decorative shoes. His other hand is outstretched with a glowing flower in his palm. The cage it is touching has a leaping dove within it with two others imprisoned- one dove and an owl. Three doves are to the left of the man and three more on the right, triumphantly flying. One more is seated on the paving stones, of which some contain certain alchemical symbols. The birds are surrounded by the sparkle of light.

Preliminary meanings:
The happy young couple are an angel and a man who share the magic of love. The doves symbolize the freedom of souls through unity.

The basic fairy tale from once upon a fairy tale (Jornda and Joringeli):
A sorceress in a castle changes young women into doves. Jorinda is turned into a nightingale by the sorceress and Joringel is sent away. he has a vision and finds the blood-red flower with a pearl in its center to free her. The flower is magic and renders the sorceress useless as well as freeing a thousand nightingales and turning them back.

personal significance:
The lore of Joringel and Jorinda frees Jorinda from a terrible fate. No matter what obstacles come along, their love overcomes them.

book symbolism, etc:
The birds’ freedom represents the importance of freedom from restrictive ideas. The feathers signify power of love, the stones, a stable foundation. The lovers show the anima and animus in union. Sharing with others should contribute to one’s spirit.

variations of Joringel and Jorinda:
The old woman in the wood (germany): A girl is attacked and a dove gives her a key that gets her food, and another that gets her a bed. He asks her to go to a house with an old woman and find a plain ring. She gets the ring after freeing a bird, and the tree behind her turns into a prince and the others his kingdom.

Traditional meanings of the lovers (From Gray’s book):
The man represents the conscious mind while the woman represents the subconscious mind. This card represents the harmony of the inner and outer self. Reversed is a need to stabilize emotions.

The man and the woman

The Lovers (From Journey of the hero):
A clear decision is made from one’s own free will. The theme is the determination and resolution of one. Archetype is a crossroad- relates well to campbell’s thresholds/threshold guardians. Loyalty.

Related to the Lovers:
The man in the fairy tale decides to search for the woman and to free her with his love and loyalty.

Meditation/writing jump off:
We stand here together at the threshold of a new life- a life full of continued devotion and loyalty. Around us, our family and close friends, free and full of joy, the wings on my back a reminder that it was you who set me free and imprisoned the owl within me- the darkness and destruction that locked me within. I clutch your hand closer, placing my trust in you and depending on the guidance you offer up. <3

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