Assault on Reality


I’m going to start out with my major compliant. This book is HUGE. It’s the size of a text book, and really doesn’t need to be… Makes it really hard to write in the margins and stuff ya know.

Now, on to the book.
In the forward, I underlined this sentence that I *loved*: “Because when the clock strikes its time and the jimlad’s come running, you will see another glass heart fall to the ground and be stomped on back into sand” (page 7).
In the introduction, on page 8, I underlined these two sections: “It would rather not exist at all, and like a child, it holds you accountable for its discovery” (I really like how they gave the book feelings <3), and “It says that all things are divine, and that divine is but a word, the attribution thereof falling like drops of rain upon the monoliths of beauty and pleasure, of terror and disgust- above & below, within & without.”
I really enjoyed the article on Khaos magick and urban shamanism, and underlined a lot of things. Among them, this was the best:
“In this context, Khaos is the primordial water, the very first nothingness that gave cataclysmic birth to everything within and without existence. Khaos is what the very first Gods stepped out of; Khaos is the vacuum of space and the invisible force holding together subatomic particles. Khaos is the cosmos, everything, and nothing- plainly” (page 13). I really loved this definition of chaos/khaos.
The post-meta paradigm was rather interesting as well; a newer concept to me for sure. I starred the passages on DPS (Dynamically Programmed Servitors), and the section on programming them.
I starred the passage on doombringer being the creator because it was funny, and reminded me of why christians are against the occult =p.
I also underlined this awesome sentence: “Even the lowliest of mortal men could slaughter the strongest of gods” (page 37).
I found the surgeon’s grimoire hard to digest. It is something I had a hard time grasping and relating to.
The Disbelieve. Disobey. articles are probably my favorite in the entire book. I’ve marked them up everywhere. In fact, they’re probably going to end up being the propaganda that I spread when it gets a little bit warmer. Of all of them, these are my favorite two quotes:
“They’ve tried to convince us that true heroism is allowing the government to take advantage of you without protest, without struggle. They lie” (page 65).
“Build your own gods. Create them from scratch. Write mythologies, sing their hymns, carve them from wood and stone, offer them food and drink and the occasional smoke” (page 70).
I also really enjoyed the article “The Protest of Reality.” I found it to have some rather interesting ideas within it.
I really enjoyed this passage: “I am here to build, to find, to create and to destroy. I am here to cast aside those paths that are walked every day by many. I am here to forge my own road, and I will be the first to walk down it” (page 98).
I liked the section on the “ideals of chaos,” and the descriptions of facing perils.
I found “The shamanic androgyne” to be a useless article; in fact, I wrote beside it “What is the importance of this?!”
I boxed in this: “There is Absolutely Nothing To be Afraid of” (page 129).
I really hated the article “Thee first book ov ramblestone.” Absolutely hated it. Comments written in the margins ranged from “this is a common idea” to “This whole article is crap” to “Olde english is the same thing as modern english, it’s not that hard to read. Quit being lazy!” to “Languages change- people invent new words daily!” to “English is backwards and the HARDEST language to learn.”
I also really enjoyed the article on “Sacrificial Magic,” I really enjoyed this sentence:
“What you sacrifice, you get back from it in a far stronger and more rewarding form than anything you’ve given” (page 168).
I also really liked this sentence: “We are the eternal dreamers, forever waiting for a chance to pursue our purpose” (page 177).
Another sentence I loved was this: “I want to be in the ashes, and rise out like the phoenix- to be reborn, and have my codes be turned into divine law within me” (page 224).
I was disappointed by the lack of the article on hawaiian shamanism. It says there’s an essay coming soon… but I couldn’t find one. =(
I had a lot of questions about the article “Operation: virus.” It’s a great article, but I wondered how many people were actively out there doing it.
I liked the interview that closed out the book; I starred a number of passages, in particular the bottom 2 responses by Alysy on page 244, and underlined this sentence: “A truly educated populace, even if it starts out as a small collection of people is a step in the right direction” (page 245).
The bit on page 247 about Illium reminded me of the song lillium from Elfen Lied too.
All in all, a damn good book. Well worth the money (would be even more if you cut out the crappy book part 😉 )
I’ll leave you with one final quote: “May you ride the storm through the fortune of the world” (page 201). <3

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