IV: The Wise Old Man

An initial description:

A kingly old man is seated on a stone throne. His hair is white and long, like his curling beard. He has a jeweled band across his forehead. A spiral is centered on his chest and glows. He is wearing a mulberry tunic and green leggings, as well as green footwear. The throne is made of stone and on the left is the spiral symbol once more. On the right arm of the throne are some nature based symbols. At his feet are many small pebbles and all around him are grass and greenery. Tall old tress grow around him and in them are many faces, reminiscent of nature spirits. The card is primarily green and brown in color.

Preliminary meanings:

The wise old man is most likely a king. He is revered for his knowledge and advice, and is a guide. He is familiar with nature and the way of mankind.

The basic fairy tale from once upon a fairy tale (Brewery of Egg shells):
A mother left her twins and they were replaced by changelings. She goes to Llanidloes’ wise man, who tells her how to find out if they are. They were, and she drowns them, getting back her own children.

personal significance:

The wise old man sees between the two worlds.

book symbolism, etc:
The wise old man is focus and clear vision through obscurity; he is mature vitality and has new ideas. He is authority, continuity and balance; the unity of the conscious and unconscious. He is spiritual enlightenment and father like leadership. A reminder to proceed with a rational and deliberate mind.

variations of the Brewery of Egg shells:
I couldn’t find any variations, although I found a number of articles on changelings.

Traditional meanings of the Emperor (From Gray’s book):

Stability, law and order. He is the active father force and stands for domination, authority, and law. It means leadership, mental activity, and results of action. Reversed is a loss of control.


Both the wise old man and the emperor embody power and authority, a testament to their wisdom and control. He is a leader, who guides one through perilous times.

The Emperor (From Journey of the hero):
He personifies structure, order, clarity, and reality. He is the guarantee of security and order as well as responsibility and perseverance. He also is the power that allows ideas, desires, and intentions to become. He is the force protecting life. His archetype is the father, and is the moving force of reality.

Related to the Wise Old Man:
The two men are both the figure of responsibility and clarity. The wise man is a guide who protects the life of the child, returning him to his mother.

Meditation/writing jump off:

The wise old man sits on his throne in the forest. His throne has been there since the beginning of time, made of solid stone that withstands the elements. He stars into your eyes, a hand upon his knee as he listens to you speak, the forest around him paying attention like a king’s court should. He is here; offering up the wisdom and guidance of the ages, a beacon of light who has seen it all.

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