III: The Fairy Godmother

An initial description:

Four large orange pumpkins sit in a green garden amidst yellow blossoms. A pair of mice sit atop one on the left, and a blue flowered bag on the right, which a golden light is spilling out of that surrounds the main figure. The main figure is an older woman who is standing behind the bag. Her long, gray hair fans out around her smiling face, and a crown is on her head. Flowers adorn her hair and drift down from it. Her face is strong and kind. Around her neck is a necklace; her top is orange, with a vine pattern and scales adorn the sleeves ending in dark green arm warmers. her skirt is green with floral vines, reminiscent of the Lake Maiden’s. A glowing wand rests in her hand. To her right is the moon, and behind it, a thorn guarded castle with tall towers. To her left is a maiden. The girl is pale against the dark wash of blue night, and her hair is a glowing blonde. She is wearing a pale green ball gown. Above her are four birds, the front one bearing a green thread.

Preliminary meanings:

The fairy godmother is there in the time of need. She is wise and shares knowledge, bestowing it upon those who are worthy of great gifts. Things are about to shift.The basic fairy tale from once upon a fairy tale: (Cinderella)Cinderella was beautiful and kind despite being mistreated by her step family. They receive an invitation to the ball and she stays. Her fairy godmother sends her off, beautiful. The prince loved her. The next night she returned but left her slipper behind. Cinderella is discovered and her sisters repent.

personal significance:

The fairy godmother is a symbol of karma– goodness is rewarded.

book symbolism, etc:
The fairy godmother is connected with the power of nature and the conductor of forces. The moon is a reminder of constant change. This card represents growth. Connect with your enterprising spirits and become more intuitive and aware of potential.

variations of Cinderella:
-The Baba Yaga (russian): Her stepmother sends her to the baba yaga, her aunt. Real aunt gives her information and gifts. Cat helps her escape. She escapes and her father shoots the mother-in-law.

-Cenerentola (Italian): Daughter (Zezolla) had a great governess. She kills step mother and has governess as mother- who secretly has 6 daughters and makes her a slave– changing her name to Cenerentola. Fairy sends her wish granting tree that dresses her and sends her to the ball three times. She loses her slipper on the last time and all the women have to try it on. It fits her and she is queen.

-The Cinder Maid (French): A ball was called, and the daughter was not allowed to go, but her father wanted her to. The hazel tree at her mother’s grave dresses her three times for three balls. The last time she leaves behind 1 shoe. They send around a herald with the shoe. The eldest cuts off toes and is found out. The other cuts off her heel and is found out. Cinder Maid marries him and is happy.

Traditional meanings of the Empress (From Gray’s book):

Traditionally the Earth Mother. She symbolizes the productive, generative activities of the subconscious. She is the multiplication of images or universal fecundity. She represents material wealth, fertility and the creative arts.Parallels:Both the Empress and the fairy Godmother symbolize wealth and gifts. Pictorially they share symbols of nature and growth.

The Empress (From Journey of the hero):
Traditionally embodies Mother Nature and the force of culture. She embodies everything natural. She is surrounded by the symbols of fertility and is the source from which all life arises. This is the card of creativity and gives birth to something new. She is the mother archetype.Related to the Fairy Godmother:
The godmother watches over her charge like it is her own child, helping and nurturing its life and giving it a new start of their own.

Meditation/writing jump off:

I held my wand and smiled proudly at my bag of magic fairy dust. The mice sat at my feet, waiting with the pumpkins for my next command and the birds began to fly in, waiting as well. The moon’s power flowed through my veins as I began to work my magic, helping the ethereal girl prepare for her destiny to come true; for the prince of the ball at the castle. The magic surrounds me like the wings of a butterfly.

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