Convocation 2011 notes


Psychic Defense

– Energy- the subtle matter that carries potential for action
– we work with “life energy” like strong emotions (which can affect our physical state. This is Chi
– Grounding- done through feet and hands- can air or earth ground by moving energy up or down
– Shield- envision plastic soap bubble around yourself. Begin with a small ball. Give it a color and program it too. Refocus and fill to make it last- poke it to reinforce the idea controlled by belief. Diff textures equal people staying away. Can be applied to a home. Use a brick and mortar shield for solidness.
– Energy moves down and pools
– Cleanse a room by imagining a large wind blowing all the energy out of the room
– Shield a room by turning the room into a bubble
– Put a personal shield in an item- the item becomes a touch stone. Create a small shield/spell around the item When you begin to feel stressed, etc. touch item to extend shield. Best objects are natural materials like metal, wood, stone. Can be imprinted with self, emotion, memory.
– mentally remove energy- deal with the issue that put it up.
The story of your life
– “What dreams may come” movie to watch
– Stories motivate us to do things
– Take your stories and make them better- decide and then your actions will follow suit (the facts don’t matter). Change your expectations
– Obstacles can have spiritual meaning if you just change the story
– Stories have structure and conditions while dreams are the end goal. You need to write a story to get to the dream
-NLP and Hypnosis may help this
– The holy guardian angel is itself a story- a divine myth of the self
– Give yourself permission to achieve your dreams
– The most important magic is the one using the symbol set that is more important than plastic reality- use these to create a self- narrative. Reality can *change* for you.
– Reality can break when the story is more compelling (like ghosts). You must be a solid believer.
– “Meta-narrative” similar to an individual matrix- they all bend against each other. Don’t concrete things!
– To be possessed one must *know* oneself is *not* oneself.
Analyze the components of the story
– Is the end result powerful enough to move you forward?? What is the obstacle?
** Don’t let assholes rent space in your head. Don’t let them affect you.
– Make a bridge between stories- tell them what they want to hear even if you don’t believe.
***Daily Discipline***
– All thoughts, actions, and magic must be congruent with the story
– Start at the end and work backwards- LOOK OUT FOR PLOT HOLES
– Focus your magic on self change
– The “great work” is SELF work. <3
– How do your dreams/work affect those around you?? All stories connect.
And last but not least, do 1 thing differently daily.. =)

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  1. March 1, 2011 at 1:48 am

    Thank you for the notes, beautifully taken as well as wonderful detail.<3

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