II: The Sorceress

An initial description:
A middle-aged woman stands on a river. She has blonde, glowing hair with light dotting through it. On her face is a slight smile, and she appears to be looking off in the distance. Around her neck is a blue necklace. The bodice of her dress is a light blue-green; the rest is a pale gray that fades into the rippling surface of the water. Both the bodice and bottom of the dress are flowing with vines and flowers. In the surface of the water, around her dress, float 3 dark pink roses. It looks like she is the water. Beneath her left arm is a small wooden basket with a floral lid. The river flows and has swirls of light dotting across it. On the right is a lone mossy rock. Grass grows along the shore, and to the left, wild dark pink flowers grow. Spindly trees with bare branches lead off, and the sun is rising or setting, painting the lower sky a pale yellow and orange. The stars dot the light blue sky, and tall grasses beckon beyond the trees.

Preliminary meanings:
The sorceress represents Mother Earth. She is solid and nurturing, filled with magic, raw power, and kindness. She has a special bond with nature, especially water, and is intuitive and emotional, yet calm and soothing.

The basic fairy tale from once upon a fairy tale: (The Lake Maiden)
A shepherd caught himself a lake maiden. They married and had children. He taps her on the shoulder 3 times and she leaves (it was the only conditional clause). Their children visit her and she teaches them the magical arts of healing.

personal significance:
The sorceress is a symbol of intuitive magic. She is in touch with nature and the emotional. She focuses on healing, luck, and good.
book symbolism, etc:
The sparkling water represents the unconsciousness and intuition. The roses signify life, fecundity, and new ideas. You can start acquiring awareness of the greater forces at work in your life.
variations of the lake maiden:
– The lake maiden is also known as “The Shepherd of Myddvai,” a celtic/welsh fairy tale. There are many parallels to the elements of: bride capture of a (swan) maiden, recognition of the bride, taboo of causeless blows, doomed to be broken, disappearance of maiden, and return as guardian spirit.
– The Swan Maiden, by Howard Pyle: A king sends his 3 sons one by one to watch his golden pear tree. The first sleeps. The second sleeps. The third puts wax in his ears and sees the swan maiden. He rides her to a witch’s house on a glass hill where he is set to three tasks. The maiden does them for him (cleans stables, thatches the stable roof with feathers, and helps him get crow eggs). When he is home, he opens the three eggs, getting a palace, animals and servants. They marry.
– The story of the Swan Maiden: King marries a swan girl, and they have a baby. Jealous Gypsy pushes her into a well and marries the king. A boy cuts a flute from a willow in the well which betrays the Gypsy and turns back into the queen.
-The Mermaid Wife: A man steals a sea maiden’s seal skin. She marries him and they have children. One child finds the skin, and she takes it, going back home to her first husband.
Traditional meanings of the high priestess (From Gray’s book):
The high priestess protects the scroll of esoteric wisdom. She represents the moon and the eternal feminine. She is the virgin goddess, and spiritual enlightenment. She has the latent power to manifest and is the link between the seen and unseen. She is of special value for artists, poets, and mystics. She represents the perfect woman/’s virtues.
The sorceress also embodies latent and inherent power, as well as the link between the seen and unseen. She also has esoteric knowledge that she passes on to her children. Pictorially, the parallels are the gowns.
The High Priestess (From Journey of the hero):
Traditionally the opposite of the magician. She is patient willingness to let oneself be guided and wait for the right moment. Everything has its time; let things happen themselves. It is the trust in our inner voice showing us a path and if we should take action, and when, where, and how. She is the “wisdom of the womb” and stands for the dream world, feeling and sensing. As well as intuiting the correlations as well as the source of deepest inspiration. The archetype is the Queen of Heaven.
Related to Sorceress:
The sorceress patiently waits for the shepherd to present the right food. When he messes up, she leaves. She has knowledge of healing that she passes on and the water she comes from signifies the intuition that the high priestess shares.
Meditation/writing jump off:
I wait at the meeting place for the one who searches for knowledge. My intuition tells me that the one is coming, and I have the gifts prepared, here under my arm. The wisdom of nature surrounds me- from the ancient trees grasping for sunlight and life, to the flower that floats along the river. Here I am, at the time when day and night meets… Where are you?

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