I: The Magician

An initial description:

A small boy in an orange tunic is looking at a decorated box. The box is ornately decorated- a flower in a circle on the lid, with eyeballs and ornate swirls on the sides. Inside is a green glob and it’s emitting light and a rainbow turns into a snake-like dragon behind as well as another beside him. There are a few more in the smoke behind him. The box is sitting on a brown table. His head is crowned with a glowing smoke wreath of laurels.

Preliminary meanings:

The innocent’s curiosity has led him to open the box, releasing the dragons and the magical light. The crown of laurels signifies that he was fated to do so; he is a winner. The eye on the box symbolizes knowledge and is similar to that of the fabled illuminati. He appears to be chinese; dragons are important to the chinese and are revered as ancestors and wise. Behind him in the smoke are many many dragons, watching him. His hand is hesitantly outstretched towards the glowing green glob, signifying growth (as the fool is foolhardy and always ready to take a chance).

The basic fairy tale from once upon a fairy tale:

Wu and his family are visited by spirits. Grandmother says there will be a storm and they will be spared. The dragon protects them and gives Wu a scale that he puts in a box. He becomes the Emperor’s palace magician/advisor.personal significance:The boy heeds the spirit world and its call, which grants him a great gift and power. Likewise, if we heed the call of life and the path we should be on, we will end up in a better place.book symbolism, etc:The box is key to hidden mental powers- dragon is knowledge, guide, and teacher. The light is cosmic energy. You can tap into inner resources and should listen to your heart.

variations of Wu and the Thunder Dragon:

I could not find any similar tales to “Thunder Dragon.” Instead I looked up the symbolism/mythology of dragons and dragon scales:

– Bhutense: Druk, the thunder dragon, is their national symbol.

– Vietnamese: Important to agriculture/rain, prosperity and yang.

– Japanese/China: Symbols of luck, good, buddha, and protection. Protects the East, Spring, Wood and Yang. Enemy is the Phoenix. There are 5 types: Celestial, spiritual, imperial, earth and treasure-guarding. Dragons produce rain.

– Tale of Urashima: Man marries dragon king’s daughter. 1 day there is the equivalent of 300 human years. He opens up the magical box his wife gave him and loses his youth, dying.

– Dragons are universally seen in the East as being just, benevolent, and bringing wealth/good fortune.

Traditional meanings of the magician (From Gray’s book):

Will is in unison with the divine (or subconscious and conscious) to bring things into manifestation. Power.


The power. Wu was given knowledge; the rider gets it through the elements. Both are focusing on tapping into inner reaches. Similarities in artwork are the tables, robust colors (red and orange), serpent-like creatures, youths, and elaborate trappings.

The fool (From Journey of the hero):

Traditionally this card pairs with the High Priestess to form the heavenly parents. The magician is the archetypal masculine in the world of ideas. This is the path of the search of knowledge that explores nature to understand and rule it. The table represents earth while his hands symbolize the connection of two worlds. It represents intelligence and skill as well as will and power to master the tasks given in order to become whole. The archetype is that of the creator/master.

Related to the fairy tale tarot version of Magician:

The boy is looking at the key to knowledge- by respecting the dragon he has heeded the call of the spirit world and become the master of his own destiny.

Meditation/writing jump off:

I paused hesitantly before lifting the lid of the heavily decorated box. Would it contain knowledge, or all the evils in the world, like Pandora’s? I gasped at the sight of the large green scale and shielded my eyes from it’s glow. This was the gift of a great dragon, and within it was the knowledge of the ancients. I smiled as a dragon of light encircled me, and I felt lucky.

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